HEMPTIMOL IS CURRENTLY CLOSED AND THE STORE WILL RE-OPEN 17th June 2019. To all of our customers who have been waiting for us to reopen. We appreciate your loyalty. We were suppose to open 2 week ago but we had a significant fire at our premises that has burnt all our equipment and stock. Click here to see images of the fire and the devastation it's caused us! Please bear with us, we are trying to get back as quick as we can. We aiming to be back by 10th June . Thank you for you patience.

100% Legal

All of our CBD (Cannabidiol CAS ID13956-29-1) products are 100% legal in the United Kingdom.

All of our products have been tested in various UKAS, European and US Labs to ensure that
there is zero THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol CAS ID: 1972-08-3) content.

If THC was detected, it was in minute trace amounts, amounting to less than 1mg per pack.

We make no medical claims regarding our products and advise our customers not to consume any of our CBD flowers.

We do not condone the combustion of our CBD flowers.

To learn more about the legality of CBD please refer to the UK Home Office website. 


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